Jennifer Carstensen

Realtor & CEO at the Live Love Memphis Group

We are one of the top teams in Memphis, and we are also ranked in the top 1% of all agents in Memphis. In 2019 closing, we sold 240 units for $45M. We’ve earned the “expert” title and wear it proudly. Considering the average agent in Memphis sells 5-7 homes a year, I’d say we’ve earned the “expert” title, and we wear that title proudly!

So, what makes us special? You have an entire team at your disposal! Imagine going for your annual physical and the doctor is the only one there – checking you in, weighing you, vaccinating you, doing the exam, filing your insurance (yikes!), diagnosing you, treating you and then scheduling your next appointment. We don’t try to wear all the hats. Each team member specializes in their particular area, and we communicate with each other for a flawless transaction. A team of specialists working on your behalf will always outperform a generalist!

Who makes up our team of specialists?

Jennifer Carstensen, Realtor, Listing Agent & Team Owner
April Darnell, Realtor and Director of Operations
Kelly Leonard, Realtor and Transaction Coordinator
Marco Manumbas, Marketing Director
Kelly Anderson, Client Care Coordinator
Crystal Fernandez, Administrative Assistant
Jaron Darnell, Realtor, Buyer’s Agent
Robbie Marbury, Realtor, Buyer’s Agent
Kelsey Alcala, Realtor, Buyer’s Agent
Heather Lacon, Realtor, Buyer’s Agent
Misty Gossett, Realtor, Buyer’s Agent
Amy Bennett, Realtor, Buyer’s Agent
Brent Burns, Realtor, Buyer’s Agent

Awards: As of 2016 #5 RE/MAX Agent in TN, 2015 #1 RE/MAX Team in Memphis; #2 RE/MAX Agent in TN; #82 RE/MAX Agent in US. 2014 RE/MAX Platinum Club. 2013 Top real estate teams in Tennessee. 2013 RE/MAX 100% Club. 2012 Agent of the year. 2012 Top producing team. 2009 Rookie of the year.

Jennifer Carstensen


Designations & Awards
2017 – #5 RE/MAX Agent, KY and TN Region 2017 – #12 Agent in TN across all brokerages 2016 – #5 RE/MAX Agent in TN 2016 – RE/MAX Chairman’s Club 2015 – #1 RE/MAX Team in Memphis 2015 – #2 RE/MAX Agent in TN 2015 – #82 RE/MAX Agent in US 2014 – RE/MAX Platinum Club 2013 – Top real estate teams in Tennessee 2013 – RE/MAX 100% Club. 2012 – Top Producing Team of the Year – Keller Williams Realty 2012 – #1 Team at Keller Williams Realty in Memphis 2010 – Agent of the Year at Keller Williams Realty in Memphis 2009 – Rookie of the Year at Keller Williams Realty in Memphis